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 Trading Rules 

Here are the trading RULES!

1. (The BIGGEST rule) I DO NOT trade for any copies of copywrited material, or make copies of copywrited material, so don't offer, or ask.

2. I don't trade by time, or item. Example: if you want an hours worth of rare songs, and only had something that's 20 minutes in return, I may still want to trade, but it depends on the item.

3. If you don't have anything to offer, don't worry!! 2:1 trading is welcome! Example, for every 1 CD or video, you need to send 2. (one I keep for me, the other I put your stuff on) Also, you pay postage BOTH WAYS!

4. We each pay our own postage.

5. The brand of media doesent really matter, as long as it isent some cheap "stop-and-shop" brand or onw that will wear out rightaway.

6 I usually prefer my tapes in SP mode.

7. If you decide to do a 2:1 trade, please include a list of what you want, so I don't screw the trade up.

8. If this is the first time you've traded with me, and your the one whom requested the trade, you must send my items first, then once I receive them, your items will be sent within the next day.


Trading Rules!