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 My Collection 

I collect weird al stuff and related items, here is a list of what I got (***NON OF THIS STUFF IS FOR SALE OR TRADE!!***)

Volcano/Way Moby
"Weird Al" Yankovic
In 3-d
Dare to be Stupid
Polka Party!
Even Worse
Off the Deep End
Bad Hair Day
Running with Scissors (x2, one has no front/back cover)
The Food Album (x2, one sealed)
Greatist Hits vol 2
Permenant Record: Al In The Box (4 disk set)
Scottie Bros./Rockn'Roll
Off the Deep end (x2) (1 is autographed!!!)
The TV Album
The Muchmusic TV Album (attic)
Bad Hair Day (rare colored disk)  (2x 1 sealed with green promo sticker)
Bad Hair Day
Alapalooza (x3) (1 has no back/font cover) ( 1 is is rare red background cover)
Greatist Hits
Smells Like Nirvana (single)
Headline News (single ep)
Gump (single ep)
Amish Paradise (single ep)
SGB 23: Weird AL Kareoke

Scottie Bros./Rockn'Roll
"Weird Al" Yankovic
IN 3-D (x2)
Dare to be stupid(x2)
Polka Party!
Even Worse
Off the Deep End
Permanent Record: AL In The Box (4 cassette set, rare "My Bologna" mistake version)
Headline News (single, sealed)
Gump (single)

"Weird AL" Yankovic
Dare to be Stupid
In 3-D (x 3, ones really bad condition)
Even Worse
The "Weird" Al-Bum (10" lp by Your Mother)
Voobaha! (Barnes and Barnes, AL plays accordion on a track)
12" singles:
I lost on Jeopardy ( promo, includes extended mix)
7" singles:
I love Rocky Road (Promo)
Another One Rides the Bus (promo)
My Bologna (Promo)
Like a Surgeon (w/ pic sleeve)
Eat it (x4, two w/ pic sleeve)
Another One Rides the Bus
I Lost on Jeopardy (w/ pic sleeve)
King of Suede (x2, both w/ pic sleeve)
"Weird Al" Yankovic Live!
The Compleat Al
Safety Patrol
Tape Heads (AL Cameo)
The Ultimate Collection
Bad Hair Day: The Videos

"Weird AL" Yankovic Live!
"Weird AL" Yankovic The Videos 

Magazines, articles, ect:
BAM magazine article, May 4th, 1984
Best Buy ad w/ uhf DVD
"TV Week" (local tv paper, lists the premiere of Driven)
"TV Week" (local tv paper, mentions Al in The Simpsons)
USA TODAY- 5/6/03 (AL talks about who will win on American Idol)
In Touch Weekly (short article about Al)
*Mad magazine #387 (Al's two question interview)
*Mad magazine #401 (AL's albums get played backwords by a cult)
*Mad magazine #416 (Al's name is briefly mentioned)
*Mad magazine #420 (AL is featured as the "only legit musician shown on this cover")
Mad About TV (Al writes intro)
The Weird Al Yankovic Anthology

Other, ect:
In 3d lp lable "features the smash hit Eat It"
"Weird Al Inside" shirt
Two ticket stubs: Mon Oct. 16 @ the Decc auditorium
Ticket stub Wed Apr. 27, 1994 autographed!!!
Ticket stub Oct. 5, 1985
***coming soon***, (this is just a reminder to myself what I'm getting soon)
none at the moment
-Alapalooza VHS
-"Weird Al" Yankovic Video Library VHS