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This is a list of stuff I want,  I dont care if it's audio or video.
"***" items I'd be willing to trade lots LOTS LOTSSSSS!!!! for.

"***" all items from 7-27-84 through 8-6-94
7-27-84 Valleyfair Shakopee MN 
7-28-84 Valleyfair Shakopee MN 
8-29-84 Minnesota State Fair Minneapolis MN 
8-30-84 Minnesota State Fair Minneapolis MN 
8-31-84 Minnesota State Fair Minneapolis MN 
9-1-84 Minnesota State Fair Minneapolis MN 
9-2-84 Minnesota State Fair Minneapolis MN 
9-3-84 Minnesota State Fair Minneapolis MN 
6-20-85 Valleyfair Shakopee MN
6-21-85 Valleyfair Shakopee MN 
8-17-85 Brown County Fair New Ulm MN 
8-30-87 Minnesota State Fair Minneapolis MN 
6-30-92 Orpheum Theater Minneapolis MN 
8-6-94 State Theater Minneapolis MN 
8-31-97 Mill City Music Festival Minneapolis MN ***
2-13-00 State Theatre Minneapolis, MN 
8-27-00 Minnesota State Fair St. Paul, MN 
Any concert or live material from 1983, 82, 81, or before that. (except for the bottom line listed on my site) *****

Any of these songs performed live: "***"
Take Me Down
Such A Groovy Guy
That Boy Could Dance
Mr.Frump In The Iron Lung
Dueling Accordions
Good Old Days
Any of these songs that were "concert only" "***"
Orgy On My Own
Beverly Hillbillies/Miss You
More Than A Filling (More Than A Feeling) - in a medley
We Won't Eat Another Hero (We Don't Need Another Hero) - in Food Medley
Hot Beets (Heartbeat) - in Food Medley
A Matter Of Crust (A Matter of Trust) - in Food Medley
You Light Up My Life (punk version)
Albuquerque - special "fake" version
It's A Gas
Close To You
Inna Gadda Da Vida
Any of these unreleased songs: "***"
Pico And Sepulveda
American Slob
Dead Car Battery Blues
Dr.D Superstar
Hit Me With A Rock
Never Met A Person As Wonderful As Me
Born To Be Mild
Beverly Hillbillies/Miss You
Orgy On My Own 
Dueling Accordions 
12th Street Rag  
The Check's In The Mail (demo)
The Ballad Of Chuck & Diane (Was later re-written as Buckingham Blues)
Let's Go Crazy/Beverly Hillbillies
More Than A Filling
House Of The Sesame Seed Bun
We Won't Eat Another Hero
Hot Beets
A Matter Of Crust
It's A Gas
Anniversary Song
Let's Stick Together (Al plays accordion)
The Alternitve Polka w/ Buddy Holly

Any 1985 concert besides:
The Embers Lounge, Naples, FL, September 16, 1985.
Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, July 26, 1985.

Any 1984 concert besides:
King Biscuit Flower Hour, Tralfamadore, Buffalo, NY, recorded March 10, 1984, aired April 8, 1984. 
Summers at the Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, May 17, 1984. 
Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, KY, August 13, 1984.
Starlight Amphitheater, Burbank, CA, June 9, 1984.


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