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Here you will fine a wide assortment of rare/unreleased/demo's of weird al songs.

Accordion burning Song
Al TV theme
Al's rug song
AIS: Kim, Rhonda, and Gina
AIS: Maggie
AIS: Tammy
AIS: Joan
Another one rides the bus (Scott and Todd)
Baby Likes Burbing
Belvedere Cruising
Beerbarrel Polka
Bite me
Callin' in sick (ins.)
Cheerios, applejacks, cheerios (single vocal)
Cheerios, applejacks, cheerios (double vocal)
Chicken pot pie
Christmas at ground zero (alt. mix)
Christmas greetings (1987-1988)
Dare to be stupid (ins.)
*NEW*Dr. Demento's 15th Anniversary song
Dr. Demento jingle
Eat it (kareoke version)
Eat it (japenese version)
Electric shaver
Gotta boogie (placebo ver.)
*NEW*Go Tell It on the Mountin
Green egg's and ham
Guide to the grammy's polka
Gumby jaws lament
Happy birthday (placebo ver.)
I lost on jeopardy 12" mix
I'm stupid blues
I love Rocky road (demo)
If I could make love to a bottle
I'll be mellow when I'm dead (demo)
I'll repair for you
It's still billy joel to me
It's still billy joel to me (live)
Joe franklin
Jurashiku park
Leisure suit serenade
*NEW* Lets Stick Together
Midnight star (short ver.)
Mr. Popiel (long ins.)
Mr. frump in the iron lung (placebo ver.)
My bologna (capitol records ver.)
My bologna (Live on Dr. demento)
My bologna (live on Scott and Todd)
My generation
Nobody here but us frogs
Pac man
*NEW*Party at the Leper Colony
Polka's on 45 (rare early live ver.)
Rubber sole
Satin eats cheezwiz
School cafeteria (1976)
School cafeteria (my bologna b-side)
School cafeteria (live on Dr. demento)
*NEW*Selected readings from OAK MOT Part IV
Snack all night
Since youve been gone (kareoke ver.)
Slime creatures from outer space (short ins.)
Spy hard
Spy hard (ending ver.)
Spy hard (ins.)
Spy hard (orchestral mix)
Stop draggin my car around (demo)
Stop draggin my car around (demo w/ alt. lyrics)
Take me down
The ballad of kent marlowe
The night santa went crazy (extra gory ver.)
This is the life (short ver.)
Twist and shout
UHF (end credits ver.)
UHF (single ver.)
Who stole the kishka?
Wont eat prunes again
Wow you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands
Week of welcome 1979
Week of welcome 1980
Yoda (demo)
*New* You dont take your showers, live on Dr. Demento
You dont take your showers
You light up my life (punk cover)
Al's mailbag theme song
Bad haircut
Cheese is good
Happy Closing credits
I like you
I made you into a freak
I quit
I'm a little kitty
Theres someone at the door
Tahj mowry
Water is wet
Whats with the singing?
Why did you come on this stupid show?
Why dont we show a clip now?
1979 food medley (dr. demento)
???? food medley (dr.demento)
1983 food medley
1984 food medley (3 versions)
1985 food medley
1987 food medley
1994 food medley
1996 medley
1999 medley
2002 medley
-Medley setlists- more to come soon!
The food medley (live on Dr.demento)
 -crampton comes alive
 -feel like throwing up
 -throw gravy on you
 -take me to the liver
1984 food medley (5-17-84)
 -Theme From Rocky XIII
 -Flatbush Avenue
 -Feel Like Throwin' Up
 -Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
 -Take The L Out Of Liver
 -Whole Lotta Lunch
 -We Got The Beef
1985 food medley (7-26-85)
 -Moldy Now
 -Doctor Doctor
 -Make Me Steak #3
 -Burger King
 -Don't You Forget About Meat
 -Girls Just Want To Have Lunch
 -Theme From Rocky XIII
 -I Love Rocky Road
 -Feel Like Throwing Up
 -Whole Lotta Lunch
 -My Bologna
Bad hair medley (missing phony calls)
 -Laundry Day
 -Chicken Pot Pie
 -My Bologna
 -Syndicated Inc.
 -Another One Rides The Bus
 -Gee, I'm a Nerd
 -Achy Breaky Song
 *phony calls missing*
 -Cavity Search
 -Green Eggs And Ham
 -Eat It
Touring w/ scissors medley
-Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
-Fast Food
-Addicted to Spuds
-Free Delivery
-Laundry Day
-Pretty Fly For A Rabbi
-Another One Rides The Bus
-I Love Rocky Road
-Achy Breaky Song
-Jurassic Park
-Grapefruit Diet
-I Lost on Jeopardy
-Eat It


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